Melissa McCurley, Owner

Melissa McCurley is one of those rare people who truly loves numbers and bookkeeping. She particularly enjoys the challenge of taking neglected financial records and cleaning them up, streamlining them, or just making sense of them. For over fifteen years, Melissa worked for various companies and business owners as a bookkeeper. Although she loved the work, she wanted to branch out on her own. Houston has long been known as a strong financial hub in the South, and she found that there was a great need for skillful and honest bookkeepers. She began picking up her own clients, and Bookkeeping Rescue Services was born.

Bookkeeping Rescue Services is just what the name implies: a service dedicated to saving businesses from financial disaster because of poor or neglected bookkeeping. The financial records of a company are often left in terrible shape when an accountant leaves, which sometimes has a devastating effect on other aspects of the business. Melissa’s goal is to stop that devastation before it happens. Her process is simple: clean up and maintain the books, set up financial services if necessary, and provide useful advice based on her knowledge and years of experience. Although she has her head in numbers often, Bookkeeping Rescue Services isn’t about the books themselves. It’s about the trusting relationship created between Melissa and her clients. She is truly invested in helping her clients run successful and profitable businesses, and she’s very good at what she does.

If you’ve got an outdated bookkeeping system, records that haven’t been kept properly, or are just overwhelmed with taxes and finances, Melissa and Bookkeeping Rescue Services can help. Take a look at the services offered here, read the testimonials, and call today for more information.